Blended Bourbon Whiskey

Ship's Bell

Ship's Bell bourbon is a blend of authentic bourbon whiskey produced in connection with our friends at Bardstown Distillery in Kentucky.

Mash Bill: 21% Rye, 75% Corn, 4% Malted Barley.

Aged in Kentucky for 2 years in new American white oak casks (Quercus Alba).

Blended with "The Veritable” American Single Malt Whiskey (100% malted Barley) aged in Connecticut for 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels from Bardstown (Quercus Alba).

Aroma: buttery vanilla with notes of sweet autumn oak ~

Palate: baking spice and caramel with a warm, lingering finish ~

43% Alc/Vol (86 Proof)

American Gin


Our gin is produced via fractional distillation, wherein we distill Juniper on its own after a maceration period, then our “Base Note” maceration (licorice and rhubarb roots), and our “Top Note” vapor infusion (grapefruit, pink peppercorn and nutmeg) in three separate distillations. These “fractions” are then blended to create the perfect balance.

Aroma: Vibrant juniper with hints of citrusy pine, vanilla bean & nutmeg ~

Palate: Toasted grapefruit peel, clove and light spice with a warm, peppery lingering finish ~

46% Alc/Vol (92 Proof)



In the old-world tradition, our Limoncello has a five week maceration period with fresh de-pithed (removing the bitter white rind) lemon peels. 

Aroma: Bright lemon zest with a hint of fresh sage ~

Palate: Velvety candied lemon with a touch of cool mint, balanced with a warm baking spice finish ~ 

30% Alc/Vol (60 Proof)

Small Batch

Coffee Liqueur

Produced in small batches using locally espresso-roasted coffee combined with aged rum and infused with warm spices for rich, velvety results.
Designed to be poured neat as a digestif or mixed in your favorite espresso martini, our liqueur is also the perfect secret ingredient to add to cocktails for a little je-ne-sais-quoi.

Nose: German chocolate cake and orange zest with a hint of mint Madeleine cookie ~

Palate: Roasted cacao, molasses, hint of pipe tobacco and honeyed lemon pound cake ~

30% Alc/Vol (60 Proof)

American Single Malt Whiskey

The Veritable

"The Veritable" American Single Whiskey is what we make day-in-day-out.

100% heritage Connecticut malted barley, open top fermented, distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak casks...but it needs a few more years before it's ready. 

Good things come in time, releasing 2027.

imaged of someone pour a sample fresh from the cask of aged american single malt

The Veritable

American Single Malt Release