Stand alone bottle of Southwick's American Gin on a wood background - hand crafted in Connecticut.

American Gin


Our gin is produced via fractional distillation, wherein we distill Juniper on its own after a maceration period, then our “Base Note” maceration (licorice and rhubarb roots), and our “Top Note” vapor infusion (grapefruit, pink peppercorn and nutmeg) in three separate distillations. These “fractions” are then blended to create the perfect balance.

Aroma: Vibrant juniper with hints of citrusy pine, vanilla bean & nutmeg ~

Palate: Toasted grapefruit peel, clove and light spice with a warm, peppery lingering finish ~

The perfect gin for a French 75, Gimlet or even sipped straight.

46% Alc/Vol (92 Proof)

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Southwick's citrusy warmth works beautifully in any of the glassics like a G&T, Gimlet or our favorite the Smoked Salty Dog.